21 Dates Every 30-Year-Old Woman Needs To Take Herself

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Being alone is not inherently a bad thing. It is relaxing and liberating. If you can take yourself on fun and fulfilling dates alone, you are less likely to end up having bad dates when you do go out with someone else. You will feel confident about what you want. You will know what makes you happy beforehand, making you be more decisive—which is always an attractive trait.

Even if you are in a relationship, learning to enjoy solitude at times is important. It is about strengthening the relationship with the most important person in your life—yourself. When you become comfortable with being by yourself, you will make a happier, more secure, and confident partner for your significant other as well.

At the end of the day, you are stuck with yourself for the rest of your life, so might as well take yourself on a date or two when you can!

21 Solo Date Ideas

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Date #1: Have a glass of wine and spend an entire evening listening to songs you used to love as a teenager.

Date #2: Drive to the nearest park on a Saturday morning. Leave your phone in the car and go for a nice walk. Smile with a child. Say hi to a dog. Tell an old lady she’s beautiful. Sit on a bench and watch people.

Date #3: Watch a feel-good Netflix show and actually chill, without your partner constantly trying to distract you to “chill” with them. Queer Eye and Ru Paul’s Drag Race are great options!

Date #4: Buy yourself a cute summer dress. Wear it and go to the nicest coffee place in town. Bring your favorite book with you. Order the creamiest mochaccino they have. Put your phone on silent and read for an entire hour.

Date #5: Clean your closet. Put all the clothes you have not worn for longer than a year into one big bag. Take it to Goodwill or a thrift shop. On the way back, get yourself a really cute outfit.

Date #6: Do you have a friend you have not seen in a while who lives out of town? Make plans to see them. Wake up early and on a solo road trip. Roll down the windows and let the wind rush through your hair. Put your favorite songs and sing your heart out while you drive. 

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Date #7: Watch an old movie. I love watching “It happened one night” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” on Saturday afternoons.

Date #8: Book a facial and a mani-pedi. It doesn’t have to be a fancy place. I’ve had many great times talking to amazing girls and getting my nails done in small salons in my town. Remember to tip them well!


Date #9: Binge-watch a TV show you have already watched and loved. This time, do it without your phone. Pay attention and see if there’s anything you have missed. I always find cool bits and jokes I missed on Friends or The Office.

Date #10: Find a good recipe for a fancy meal and cook for yourself. Do all four courses. Take your nice china out and set the table with fresh red roses and candles.  Give yourself the gourmet treatment.

Date #11: Go to a local adult care facility and spend the day with some older ladies and gents. Take time to really pay attention and listen to their stories. Make a friend (or a few) and start writing letters to them when you have time.

Date #12: Go to the library. Spend an afternoon among your favorite books.

Date #13: Wear something cute and go to the biggest mall in town. Try on clothes in the fanciest shops. Go to the MAC store and get your makeup done. Take selfies just for yourself.

Date #14: Fill up your bathtub and add lots of bath salts and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Pour yourself a glass of wine and light a candle. Listen to the entire album of Taylor Swift’s Folklore (or your favorite artist) while you soak.

Date #15: Go to the fanciest florist in town and buy yourself flowers. Add all your favorite flowers into an extra-large bouquet. Bring it home and put it into a nice big vase. Enjoy how happy you feel.

Date #16: Do a self-care day. Go all out. Exfoliate your entire body. Give yourself a nice manicure. Paint your nails bright pink. Wear a charcoal face mask. Do the towel turban and put cucumber slices on your eyes and everything!

Date #17: Go see a good movie alone. Get the large popcorn. Get two, if you want. No one’s going to judge you, and if they do, who cares!

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Date #18: Book a photoshoot with a photographer. There are many great up-and-coming photographers who would give you a good rate. Do a few outfit changes and let your inner model come out. Relax and laugh. Have fun. Let the photographer candidly capture the absolutely beautiful creature that you are.

Date #19: Strip your bed and wash all your linens. Add some extra fabric softener. Have a nice long shower as they dry. Make your bed perfectly. Be meticulous about it. Watch a Youtube video if you don’t know how to do it. Light up a lavender candle. Lie down on your bed and enjoy how clean and fresh it feels. Put on some music and have some real good “me time”. IYKWIM.

Date #20: Think about your perfect first date with a romantic partner. Is it a fancy restaurant? Dancing at the club? Going to the museum? An amusement park? Skydiving? Whatever it is, go do it by yourself. Plan the entire day perfectly, and take yourself on that perfect date. That way, when the time comes that you get to do it again with a potential partner, you know what worked and what didn’t. You will feel at ease, and have a great time sharing that experience with your date.

Date #21: (This is my favorite!) Book a flight to a country you have not been to before. Take time to do a good bit of research online. Then, pack your backpack and just go! Learn to say a few phrases in the local language. Try their food. Make friends. Let yourself enjoy being in a place where no one knows you, so you can be anyone you want to be!

In order for us to have fulfilling romantic and social relationships with others, it is important that we learn how to be comfortable being alone. To learn what we like when there is nobody else to impress. To enjoy your own company. I hope you try at least a few of these solo date ideas. If you have more suggestions to add, let me know!

xo, Vindy💋

A relentless optimist with an affinity for red wine and red lipstick.

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