The Basics: What Every 30-Year-Old Woman Should Have in Their Closet

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The best thing about fashion in your thirties is that by now you have a decent idea about what works for you, and what doesn’t. You know which clothes work with your curves, which silhouettes look great for your body type, and exactly which outfit makes you look and feel like a million bucks whether you go on a date, or have a big presentation at work.

This article is a quick little guide to the must-have items for a classic, comfortable, and timeless wardrobe in your 30s.

Item 1: A Perfect Pair of Jeans

You need a perfect pair of jeans that fits you like a dream. This is a very personal choice for everyone. It is there for you to grab and pair up with your favorite top before you go out and you feel like a million bucks.

Keep it simple with classic blue or black jeans. You can always dress up your jeans with a nice pair of pumps and a blazer. 

Item 2: A Perfect Black Blazer

Blazers can instantly elevate any look. Invest in a great fitting black or brown blazer with sleeves hitting right at your wrists and shoulders sitting just right. A trip to the tailor is well worth it when it comes to a blazer. It could be pricey, but you will get its worth easily with the many different great ensembles you can create with the right black blazer.

Item 3: A Perfect Button-Up

You are a grown woman now, my friend! Time to elevate your professional dress-code game. You need a nice button-up in a neutral color like white or black that you can wear to work, an interview, a lunch meeting, or even a nice formal dinner. Go for a high-quality lux material that will hold up through quite a few washes.

Item 4: A Perfect Pencil Skirt

Another iconic staple in your professional wardrobe, a perfectly fitting black pencil skirt is a must-have. It is a timeless silhouette. You can pair it up with any button-up and you are ready for any professional setting. High-waisted pencil skirts are on-trend right now, but like everything else on this list, you need to find the perfect fit that works for you and your body. 

Item 5: A Perfect Little Black Dress

Yup, a classic LBD never goes out of style. Your mom and every single fashion mag out there was right—you need an LBD that beautifully fits your body in order to complete your wardrobe. Look for classic knee-length sheath-style dresses that are universally flattering. Make sure it is not too short, and not too long.

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Item 6: A Perfect V-Neck T-shirt (Or a few!)

A simple V-neck t-shirt can be extremely versatile. You can wear it with jeans for a day look, and put on a nice blazer for a chic nighttime look. They are affordable, come in many great colors, and fantastic for layering. Do not spend too much money on this one. A t-shirt is a t-shirt, after all. Just make sure they fit you well and make you feel comfortable and casually sexy at the same time. 

Item 7: A Perfect Pair of Black Pumps

Every woman needs a classic pair of heels to complete their closet and pumps look great with any outfit from jeans to pantsuits. Go for a height that feels comfortable and right for you. You should be able to power walk with ease when you wear these babies.

They are very versatile in the sense that you can wear them to work, a wedding, and a date night without even thinking twice. If pumps are too much for you, you can go for kitten heels. At the end of the day, shoes are there to take you places, and you should be able to do it comfortably. 

Item 8: A Perfect Pair of Sneakers

A pair of classic white sneakers is a staple in a millennial woman’s wardrobe. They blend in well with almost any casual outfit, and they are comfortable af. What’s not to like? I personally like to go for ones with little to no embellishments, but what kind of sneakers you wear is all up to you and your personality. If you like some cool embellishments in yours, more power to you!

Item 9: A Perfect Handbag

A classic designer handbag is a great way to elevate any look. They look great, and most of them very well stand the test of time. Stick with a neutral color and style that you can match with many of your outfits. It does not necessarily have to break your bank. Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs have some amazing affordable pieces that are classic and versatile. 

Item 10: A Perfect Summer Dress

You know the one! There are no rules for this little piece. Go for colors and prints that spark great joy for you, and make you feel amazing.

My favorite summer dress has a pretty sunflower print, and even on the coldest winter days, I can put it on and immediately feel warm and happy inside. A girl and her favorite summer dress have a special relationship that only they can understand❤️

Your wardrobe is what you make of it. This guide is just for starting out. If your style is more modern, boho, urban or edgier, you can add pieces that showcase your personality and make your wardrobe your own. Your style is a way to say who you are, without having to speak. Play around with it, and find your own that makes you look and feel great!

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