The Joy of Being a Minimalist

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For as long as I can remember, I never wanted to own many things.

I do not like cluttered spaces, too much furniture, closets full of clothes, or too many shoes. 

I like space. It makes me feel free.

The only things I have in excess are my books and the precious little souvenirs I collect when I travel. I like to believe that every single thing I own has a meaning to them.

If you see a little seashell in a corner of my drawer, I probably have an elaborate story to tell you about it.

From where I sit, I see a bag full of dresses I am going to donate. I’ve worn them only once and maybe twice. They are merely cluttering up my closet space now since I probably will not wear them again. And so they have to go to someone who will appreciate them more than I do. 

Minimalism is a way of life, and it is as simple as it sounds.

A minimalist is always intentional in what they do. Everything they own and every move they make have a conscious meaning behind them. They like to always be in control of their space, without letting it control them.

Minimalism is about keeping yourself emotionally detached from material possessions. This does not mean that you live like a hermit! You merely see things for the quality and value they offer, rather than having an emotional attachment to them. It is about mercilessly eliminating what is not truly necessary.

This is an essential habit to develop especially if you have a passion for traveling. Minimalism is about understanding the freedom that comes with being able to move from one place to another with a heart full of peace, and not many things to take with you. 

Being a minimalist is not for everyone. However, I have firsthand experience as to how well it improves the quality of life. When your environment is not cluttered and at peace, you have more time and clarity to focus on the things which are truly important.

One of the most important things about practicing minimalism is focusing your life on a greater goal or a cause than the things you own. Truly ask yourself what it is that you really want in life, what it is that brings you lasting happiness and a sense of great accomplishment. Then, slowly eliminate your distractions.

Minimalism applies to every aspect of your life. From your work desk to your phone, your communications, your social circle, and even your mind. The goal is to eliminate all the clutter and distractions.

This is, obviously, a process that takes time. Allow your mind, your environment, and yourself to adapt to a life without distractions when there is so much noise around you.

As you slowly transition to a minimalist life, you will find that you have more free time and free space. Your life will feel more organized and your mind will have more clarity.

You will be in control at all times. And once you get used to it, you are not likely to go back!

(This article was originally posted in my Medium account.)

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