The Magic of Writing Things Down

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I like to write things down.

Lists. I write a lot of lists—to-do lists, grocery lists, book lists, gift lists, lists of movies I want to watch, lists of lists I want to write.

I also write down quotes that make me feel things. I love quotes—motivational quotes, de-motivational quotes, quotes that make me laugh, quotes by famous people and not very famous people.

Thoughts. Thoughts are what I write down the most—happy thoughts, sad thoughts, sensual thoughts, philosophical thoughts, funny thoughts, thoughts about thoughts. 

There was always an aching need for words that built up in my fingers as a child. It led me to scribble in the back of all my notebooks—and I have been doing it ever since.

I was journaling way before I knew what journaling even was. I just knew I liked to write my thoughts down and read them later.

My life has always been a bright-colored mosaic of beautiful tiny memories and I have always written the most beautiful memories down so I can relive them over and over. I am also a very forgetful person. Maybe that was the reason I started writing a lot of things down especially as an adult. 

My mind is filled with exciting and colorful thoughts and memories, but it is often very messy. At any given moment, there are hundreds and hundreds of thoughts swirling in my mind. I like to gather them all in one place, and nicely write them down on paper with my nice blue pen, giving them a semblance of organization. I am scared that my memory would fail me someday. That’s probably why I always write things down. 

I am not a good writer. I mean, I am a writer, but not a very good one. Even when you read the pages and pages of thoughts I’ve written on this website, you may have noticed that they have many edges. Not all of them have paragraphs that drift beautifully to the next, creating a fluid and seamless flow of writing that fills you up like water from a spring. Some of them do, hopefully. But not all of them. It has never stopped me from writing, though.

I write in fragments.

I have filled up an unprecedented amount of notebooks, scraps of paper, and the Notes app of my phone with happy little fragments and bits and pieces of my thoughts and memories.

I write about everything I love, and everything I see. Whenever I travel to a new country, it never felt fully processed and finished until I wrote everything down somewhere.

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There is magic in writing things down. It makes you feel whole, grounded and filled with life. Writing is something that is inherent in every human. It is not some complex craft that you have to learn. You just write what comes to your mind. Once you start writing things down, you never really stop.

Sure, it can be exhausting to write at times. You sit in front of your computer or on the floor with a notebook and a pen and words just won’t come. But when they finally do, ah, the pleasure that you feel is incomparable. Just go with the ebbs and flows. Let it happen naturally.

Do you know what the most important thing is when it comes to writing, though? It is that you should never feel afraid to fool around and be silly with it. Make mistakes. Be brave. Do not give up. If there is something you want to tell, find a way to say it. You can veil it all you want with metaphors and shades but say it somehow. Spit it out. If it feels important to you to write down, it is important. You do not have to justify your writing to anyone else.

Get comfortable with your voice and your style of writing. Open up your beautiful mosaic of mind and life to the world, and there will always be someone who loves to read your words.

Just. Write. Let the magic of writing set your heart free.

xo, Vindy💋

A relentless optimist with an affinity for red wine and red lipstick.

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