Hey you,

Welcome to Beyond Twenties!

I recently celebrated my 30th birthday. The idea for a space that speaks about life after 30 sprouted in the back of my mind a long time ago—and this felt like the perfect time to bring it to life. I have always felt a sense of quiet calm in my mind when it comes to aging. There is a running joke in my friend circle that I was ready to be thirty ever since I was about twenty-five years old. 

Completing three full decades of life feels like a truly profound milestone to me. A little bittersweet—lot sweeter than it is bitter. Young enough to enjoy life, and old enough to have enough wisdom and perspective to make good decisions while you do so. Most of all, a semblance of financial stability to actually pursue your dreams and desires.

Thirty is a nice sweet spot of youth, joy, maturity, hope, contentment, and promising opportunities.

My twenties were beautifully flawed, exciting, challenging, and fulfilling—which I believe is just how your twenties are meant to be.

Four years in college. A cool job stint abroad. Frantically trying to hit the milestones in my career as fast as possible. The burnout. The quarter-life crisis. Trying to “find myself” while hiking the snowcapped mountains in Nepal. Yoga retreats while living in Bali. Spontaneous backpacking escapades to wherever I could fly. The regular free-spirited twenty-something stuff, I think.

Ah, the stories I could tell you!

I entered my late twenties with a passport full of stamps, and a heart full of love for life. After an entire month of happily frolicking among the mountains, rivers, and thousands of temples in Myanmar, I came back and got married to the love of my life.

Then, the pandemic hit, but that’s a discussion for another day.

All in all, at the threshold of this new decade in my life, I am content, and the life ahead seems hopeful and so promising. 

When it comes to facing the big three O, I have seen two extremes. Some people gleefully turn a blind eye to the universal human experience that is aging—clinging to the nostalgia of early twenties by overcompensating to stay as “young” as they can. Some, and I mean many, entirely lose the youthful enthusiasm for life and become duller versions of themselves. 

I believe the best way to approach this milestone in life is to gently accept the inevitable changes that come with age, and find ways to face them in an informed and joyful way. Most of all, to be at peace with the beautifully chaotic journey that is life. 

So, that is what this website is about—navigating the 30s mindfully, joyfully, and gracefully.

This is a place where you can find words that will hopefully guide you through handling many unique problems that comes with turning 30—love, careers, personal finances, traveling, beauty, fitness, health, wellness, parenthood, and more. I will share the challenges of my own life as authentically as possible with a little self-help touch. 

I might even use this as a personal journal at times, writing prose and poetry inspired by the endless beauty and disarray of life as I navigate my thirties. I sincerely hope that my writing will help you pause, think, reflect, empathize, learn, and even laugh at times. 

If you would like to contribute your own experiences, drop me a line at hello@beyondtwenties.com I would love to feature your stories here. 

So, my sweet friend, let us take this beautiful journey together. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

xo, Vindy💋

(Note: This is a safe and inclusive space. I dearly cherish the diversity of humanity including all gender identities, ages, ethnicities, range of abilities, sexual orientations, religions, educational levels, socioeconomic statuses, and more. No misogyny or discrimination of any kind will be tolerated in any of my channels. Be kind and radiate love, always❤️)